Pope Francis

Pope Francis sparked controversy because he did not wear his own mask, and the

American “Washington Post” newspaper wrote a report on this subject that angered its

visitors to the point that they took off their masks before meeting, according to what the newspaper said

The Washington Post indicated that the Pope is 83 years old, lost part of his lung, and

spoke clearly about the damage caused by the virus, but Vatican observers areconcerned and say,

“It seems that he is hostile to the virus.

The Vatican adheres to the procedures of the Italian government, and Saint Peter’s Square has been lost to visitors as well as the

museum, and the Pope is closely present

with the bishops and clerics, but he violates the Vatican’s rules that require wearing masks inside and outside the buildings.


The Rev. Thomas Reese said that the rules of prevention, especially by the Pope, were supposed to be adhered to, because he

represented the pyramid of authority, and he

wrote a letter to him explaining why the muzzle should be worn, but he did not. “I wrote this because I love him, not because I am his opponent, and it is difficult to

come and say: Dad, you are wrong, wear the muzzle, and it is very frustrating,” Reese added.

The newspaper indicates that the Pope is not safe, as 13 of his guards have tested

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, the Vatican has recorded 27

cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic, and Dario Vigan في, 58, was

one of those infected in the second wave, and he is the vice-chancellor within the Papal Academies of Sciences.

positive for the Corona virus, and another where he lives, and on October 5 he met with a


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