Doctors are calling for adding “vitamin D” to bread


British officials have called for adding vitamin D to common foods such as bread and

milk to help fight Corona, according to the British Guardian newspaper.

Some studies indicate that low levels of vitamin D that the bodies produce when

exposed to the body may increase the risk of infection with the Corona virus or suffer

.the effects of severe infection

Last week, researchers in Spain found that 82% of 216 people with corona have low

levels of vitamin D, and there is other research that shows that vitamin D levels have

little or no effect on corona, influenza and respiratory diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone problems in children and adults, and it may

sometimes lead to deformities. Children with severe vitamin D deficiency are prone to

deficiency of calcium in the blood, which can lead to seizures and heart failure.

However, Public Health England (PHE) and the Department of Health and Welfare have

rejected calls over the past ten years to fortify foods such as milk, bread and orange


juice, which is the case in Finland, Sweden, Australia and Canada.

Dr. Gareth Davis, a researcher in medical physics, said that vitamin D not only prevents

diseases, but also protects against infection, and adding it to food needs careful planning to be implemented effectively

Adrian Martineau, professor of respiratory infection at Queen Mary University of

London, is leading clinical trials to examine whether vitamin D can reduce the risk of corona infection or its severity

The “Coronavit” experiments began last week, with support from the Barts Charitable Foundation and the Fisher Family Fund and exercise

and exercise group, and a group of 5,000 .people were established during the winter

Martineau said the government recommends residents take vitamin D supplements in

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